Great Commission International Bible Institute is a co- educational Bible Institute founded to serve the interdenominational as well as individual. GCIBI was established to provide systematic and comprehensive training in the word of God from Biblical perspective to enable student to fulfill their specific call to ministry.

“We have a role in changing people’s lives and thereby changing the world”

Our Vision

Our vision is focus on promoting and building up the spiritual life of the people. We sets out to achieve this by teaching the people the word of God. To be an institute that best recognizes and serve the needs of international students around the world.

We strive to provide students world-class resources to help them navigate and pursue their career through relevant content, custom online tools and engaging website that offer only best in class products and services.

Our Mission

Our focus is on journey to fulfill God’s purpose for your life, Our mission has remained constant. To Prepare-Equip-Train to Evangelize the Nations. Educate Christian workers to thinks and live biblical worldview and to proclaim Christ by serving Him in the church or society to fulfill the Great Commission, this is a commandment to all Christians.

GCIBI welcomes students from all denominations which to pursue the college’s programs.

Our Goal

Our goal is to Study God’s word, Practice it and Teaching others through theological education that is oriented towards a live-out faith that impact the word

Our Commitment

Our curriculum was designed to Prepare-Equip-Train our students with general knowledge of content and measuring of the Scripture and our faculty is dedicated to that goal. GCIBI is committed not only to our students intellectual apprehension of biblical as well as the ability to apply that truth to life, our mission also includes spiritual formation. At GCIBI, we strive to provide an atmosphere that leads to growth in Christian maturity and virtues.

Our concern to academic excellency emanate for the belief that Christian higher education should superior and accessible, anything less than that is not to the glory of God. Therefore, Excellency worthy of a college dedicated to the Lord and necessary for the education of those preparing for service to the lord in the days to come.

Interested in attending GCIBI

GCIBI exists as an Evangelical Christian multi-denominational and multi-ethnic educational community dedicated to preparing men and women for local and worldwide ministrial services to God and humanity and to fulfill our Lord Jesus Christ commandment “Great Commission”

GCIBI programs Prepare-Equip-Train to Evangelize the Nations with a biblical worldview and prepare them for effective vocational services and lay ministry. The educational climate emphasizes biblical content and applications academic excellence intellectual and spiritual maturity leadership development and the ability to function as productive members of a multi-cultural society.

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