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GCIBI, welcomes the opportunity to receive recommendations and nomination of person in the ministry who deserve the special Recognition and Honor of receiving Doctor of Divinity Degree,

Other degree- awarding institution has waived the usual requirements, such as matriculation, residence, study and the passing of examination.

The degree is typically a doctorate or, less commonly a master’s degree, and may be awarded to someone who has no prior connection with academic institution.

Rational: just as an earned doctorate is given to a person who shows promise of accomplishing something exceptional of the Christian race, so an honorary doctorate is given to a person who has already accomplished such a work. The honorary doctorate is an earned by actually producing doctoral level work in the real world.

Criterial: the recipient must have contributed in an exceptional way to the furtherance of the gospel and services of humankind for more than twenty years, and be obviously deserving of such an honor. The work accomplished must be related to the core principle of Great Commission International Bible Institute which was founded for the purpose of furthering the gospel and serving people.

The GCIBI bestows honorary degrees as a means to acknowledge the singular accomplishments or contributions of individuals in any of a number of fields of human endeavor to identify the seminary with the values expressed through the work and accomplishments of the honoree; to draw positive attention to the seminary as an institution that respect and encourages such values and the manner in which those values are expressed, and to emphasize its own institutional mission and purposes.

The Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree will be centered upon distinguished Pastors, Evangelists, Ministers, and other Christian Leaders or public servants who have made significant contributions in their respective fields or for the extension of God’s kingdom.

Anyone is free to submit a nomination of an honorary degree candidate to the Honorary Degree Committee, though a nomination to the committee does not guarantee selection or approval. The Honorary Degree Committee brings a slate of recommended nomination to the full Board of Trustees for approval. The President of the Institute selects degree recipients from the list of approved nominees.

Nominations of honorary degree, candidates must be submitted in writing and should includes: the candidate’s name; current position or affiliation; the rationale in support of the nomination; GCIBI connection, if any; and, whenever possible, information about special outreach to or other means if contacting the nominee.

GCIBI does not sell its Honorary Degrees, however there is a suggested donation amount. All Honorary Degrees are awarded solely for the accomplishments and contributions that a person has made.